American Scary Story Season 10: Whatever What We Understand

Over a decade there is a horror anthology series, which is irresistible and amassed a lot of fans entitled American Horror Story. This anthology is a co-creation of Ryan Murphy along with Brad Fulchuk. When the first season of the American Horror Story became the most-watched series on the cable back in 2011, there were these signs that FX and American Horror Story have a long way to go together, and they were not wrong because now we have nine seasons of the series. At the same time, the tenth instalment got the approval from the FX and will be here in some time. Along with Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters returning in season; we will see Macaulay Culkin make an appearance for the first time in the series. For more updates on the cast, you can check the video uploaded by Murphy on the official Instagram account.

American Horror Story Season 10: Release Date

Due to Ryan Murphy’s regular entanglement with social media, we know that the tenth season of American Horror Story got renewed in August 2018. We can never obtain peace when COVID-19 is around; it did not even spare a horror genre. I doubt that it will take almost a year to complete it considering that production got delayed till late 2019. We also got a report about that American Horror Story Season 10 will make it to screens only in late 2021. Till then, fans can keep a tab on the showrunner’s official Instagram account as he drops a few hints there, now and then and also on American Horror Story‘s official Instagram page. If this goes on, then Instagram can be next google someday. 

American Horror Story Season 10: Plot

I am more than sure that the story of the tenth season has nothing to do with that of the ninth season. And why I am so sure? Because American Horror Story is an “anthology” series. And the word itself gives us the meaning that the stories will be similar yet different. The fans will side with me at the fact that the makers of the series have been right lipped about the plots of all the seasons until they hit the screen. But fans will get their favourite actors returning in the tenth season, most of them are from the first three seasons. So, I hope that fans will try to be patient and content with the fact to see some familiar faces. Next Alerts will keep you updated with anything new on this part.

American Horror Story Season 10: Storyline 

Talking about variety, you are at the right place. Take a look at the names of the successive seasons of the American Horror Story.

  • Murder House aka Season 1,
  • Asylum aka Season 2,
  • Coven aka Season 3,
  • Freak Show aka Season 4,
  • Hotel aka Season 5,
  • Roanoke aka Season 6,
  • Cult aka Season 7,
  • Apocalypse aka Season 8,
  • 1984 aka Season 9

Which one of the following scared you the most? I am wondering that what would be the name of the tenth season. It’s rigorous of them to keep everything secretive; they could have at least teased the name. Don’t you feel like that too? Apart from the terms, Murphy kept the cast as a variable throughout the series.

Good news for the fans: FX already renewed the American Horror Story for seasons eleven, twelve and thirteen. The renewal shows that the story will go on for at least a few more seasons, and we will get a healthy horror dose during the Halloweens. What about binge-watching American Horror Story again? It would be fun to do so while waiting for the new season. And add a slice of The Order Season 3 to it. What would you guys want to have the topic of next article? 

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