Beastars Season 2: Release date on Netflix U.S. set for July 2021 

Ever wondered how animals communicate or what topics they talk and discuss? Can they love and form a bond with other animals or do they have restrictions too? Yeah, when you come to think of it, it is pretty questionable, right? Well, Netflix did clear or maybe added a few questions in our minds. Netflix launched the show “Beastars”, which revolves around animal and animal relationships so to speak. They have explored every possibility that we witness in our everyday human life. The use of drugs, forbidden love, promises and speculations, ups and downs but in animal point of view.

-  - Beastars Season 2: Release date on Netflix U.S. set for July 2021 

Release date: Beastars Season 2

The show made its debut back in 2019 and soon after is renewed for a second season. The show which is unique in its way gained huge popularity and soon enough became the favourite of millions. The show was originally an adaptation of a comic series that ran for good four years. Like the other manga series, this animation was also adapted in the traditional way of comic series turning into TV series. The show released season 2 of the show and announced that it is all set to make its return in July of 2021.

Cast: Beastars Season 2

The cast of the series is well known for their other projects in the manga franchise, the show stars Chikahiro Kobayashi in the role of Legos, Sayaka Senbongi in the role of Haru, Yuki Ono in the role of Louis along Atsumi Tanizaki in the role of Juno and Akio Otsuka as Gohin in the lead.

-  - Beastars Season 2: Release date on Netflix U.S. set for July 2021 

Plot: Beastars Season 2

There is a lot of question left unanswered in the climax of season 1. There are various angles the show makers are concentrating on like the killer of Tem’s murder suspect coming out of the bathroom and meeting a guy mostly his partner in crime. It is obvious that they do know each other and the common ground being the drama club and of course the biggest question is about the character of Louis and his other way of dealing with various situations.

-  - Beastars Season 2: Release date on Netflix U.S. set for July 2021 

Storyline: Beastars Season 2

The story of Beastars is what makes everything unique and binge-watch worthy, the show revolves around animals who live in the human world so to speak. They explored almost every angle available in the human version like drugs, love, forbidden love, ambitions, feelings, and emotions. The story revolves around the lead role who is a wolf and falls in love with a forbidden fruit also known as the rabbit who is part of the drama club. One highlight being the murder of an Alpaca which causes differences between meat-eating and non-meat-eating animals. the performance and visuals of the show are what make the audience feel the real human emotions with animals starring in it. The deep and strong feelings between the rabbit Haru and Louis are somewhat that gets sticks with the audience.

The makers of the show released a trailer along with the official announcement about the show’s return in 2021. Click the link below to watch the trailer of Beastars Season 2.

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