Bling Empire Series Best on Netflix, When Does It Start?

Many series out there on the television which depicts different people, communities and economical background. The one upcoming new series will showcase some high profile groups of rich people and their socialite parties and life. Yes, there is one new show which will be aired in the next year 2021. The name of the series is the Bling Empire. Bling Empire will be aired on Netflix, the worldwide famous OTT platform. Fed up with the current year, the audience will have yet another novel show to watch this new year. Since one month Bling Empire Season 1 is in the talks among the fans and audience.

-  - Bling Empire Series Best on Netflix, When Does It Start?

Release Date: Bling Empire Season 1

Due to the ongoing worst situation of covid 19, many series have got postponed. But there are few of them who managed to wrap up their production work despite having these tough situations. Bling Empire Season 1 is one of them. The upcoming Netflix show is supposed to premiere on coming 15th January in the new year 2021. So, it will be a great treat for the audience to watch this upcoming new series.

Cast: Bling Empire Season 1

The cast of Bling Empire Season 1 is still not revealed by the makers even after the announcement of its release date. So we have not much to tell regarding the cast of this upcoming high profile reality show, Bling Empire. But as per some recent information from the trusted sources, the cast will be inspired by the world-famous American celebrity family, Kardashians. Yes, you read it right but the main cast will be of Asian origin. It will be interesting to watch who will enter into the Bling Empire Season 1.

-  - Bling Empire Series Best on Netflix, When Does It Start?

Plot: Bling Empire Season 1

Bling Empire Season 1 will be more like reality shows. There is no actual plot revealed by the makers of Bling Empire Season 1 and streaming network Netflix to till date. But the show will chronicle the lives of many millionaires and billionaires who have originated from the Asian countries but now lives in the second-most populous city in the United States of America i.e in Los Angeles, California. Bling Empire Season 1 will follow the plot of various high profile parties and social gatherings where these Asian rich people hang out and share some emotional feelings with each other. The show will feature love, scandal, betrayal, emotional breakdown and the professional tussle between these rich people while living in Los Angeles.

Storyline: Bling Empire Season 1

As Bling Empire is the new series, it doesn’t have any storyline as such. Bling Empire Season 1 drew major inspiration from the real-life of Kardashian siblings. Bling Empire will showcase the story of high profile Asain people who lives in Los Angeles. As the story will move forward, the audience will see some interesting facts of being super-rich. The show will focus on the various luxurious parties, events and corporate world. It will be interesting for the audience to watch super-rich personalities of Asian origin. The audience has to gear up for this interesting Bling Empire Season 1. There is no teaser or trailer of Bling Empire Season 1 is released but the audience can watch its sneak peek on the official website of Netflix.

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