Damaged! Season 3: Release Date and Plot Information

Damaged! Season 3: Release Date and Plot Information

High-profile status always comes with two things i.e. money and power but it is difficult to maintain sanity after getting involved in a high-class society. Scandal, frauds, and late-night hangouts are used to things of high societal status. Sometimes people get unnecessarily dragged into the depths of crime also. One drama series that just recently done with 2 parts is also chronicling the same issue and theme. This series is Busted and soon it will be back with its 3rd chapter. Viewers praised the concept of all the previous chapters of Busted! and now they are excited for Busted! Part 3.

Release Date: Busted! Season 3

Release date is always the most relative topic for the curiosity as everybody out there is impatiently waiting for the premiers of series cinemas. Busted’s 3rd chapter is also one of those series for which the audience is feeling more than excited because they already knew that it will be going to be the hit and best as its previous parts also did well. Busted’s 1st chapter stayed for almost a month but the part succeeded by it started and ended on the same day i.e all the episodes released on a single day. So, there are bright possibilities that this upcoming 3rd chapter of Busted! will also have all episodes to be released on the same day. Most guaranteedly, it will be on screens on coming 22nd January.

Cast: Busted! Season 3

Makers have to do a lot of hard work while selecting the proper cast because it all depends on the moods of the story. So, they always look for a particular face that can be easily fitted in the respective roles. The coming third set of Busted! will have a cast whose names are Lee Seung Gi, Oh See Hun, Kim Min, Yoo Suk, and some cast which will be there for only a few minutes of roles.

Plot: Busted! Season 3

Busted! Chapter 3’s plot will take all of us to see that will the gang of inherently become spies successful in tracking their new target? Being celebrities, they all will be seen on a plan where they have to find out the vicious and monstrous assassin to save the others. So, it will be a more dangerous path for these so-called high-class celebrities as they are in the middle of this important mission to track the fierce person.

Storyline: Busted! Season 3

Series those having murder stories are always chronicled several anonymous and thriller tracks. Busted’s story is also like this and consists of truth revealing and murder solving patterns. Starting with some stars who acknowledged that they have something different i.e they all are automatically associated with one group which is being monitored by the other talented guy. Soon ahead in the story, their leader gets killed and all these celebrities who are the followers of this killed person try to locate the true culprit and simultaneously solve other cases. To get some more updates of its coming third part watch the trailer now.

Trailer: Busted! Season 3

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