Date A Live Season 4 release date forecast: TELEVISION Anime Declared to Be in Production

We all know by now how anime has gained craze all over the world and is still increasing its craze. From Children to adults everyone is hooked to the daily releasing manga series. The unique thing about anime is that it explores all genres found in the entertainment industry and those which pique the interest of the audience and sometimes it clubs various genres into one. One such manga series is the “Date a Live”, which made its debut in 2013 is now renewed for a fourth season, and at the same time announced that there will be a spin-off to the same and this time in the lead we see Kurumi as the protagonist.

Release date: Date a Live Season 4

The series made its debut long back in 2013 and was renewed for seasons two and three and now possibly a fourth. But what keeps testing the patience of the audience is the hiatus between each season. Fans would not wait any longer as season 3 took 5 years to make its return to the screens. It has to do with the problems with the production house the anime dealt with. Each season had various production outlets backing them up and so a huge gap between season to season. However, the makers of the show did not confirm or even give a hint of when season 4 will make its return or did it even start its pre-production work. But knowing the condition of the series we can not expect anything just yet.

Cast: Date of Live Season 4

The original cast is all set to return to lend their voices to the show’s characters and also there will be new a cast joining them. The show stars:

  • Nobunaga Shimazaki in the role of Shido Itsuka,
  • Marina Inoue in the role of Tohka Yatogami,
  • Misuzu Togashi in the role of Origami Tobiichi,
  • Ayana Taketatsu in the role of Kotori Itsuka,
  • Iori Nomizu in the role of Yoshino,
  • Asami Sanada in the role of Kurumi Tokisaki,
  • Maaya Uchida in the role of Kaguya Yamai,
  • Sarah Emi Bridcutt in the role of Yuzuru Yamai,
  • Minori Chihara in the role of Miku Izayoi,

Plot: Date a Live Season 4

The makers of the show did not confirm any storyline for season 4 but the plot of the story will continue in the next season as well as there are still spirits wandering the earth which may cause disturbance once again. There might be another story adding to it as there is an additional cast joining the current cast for season 4.

Storyline: Date a Live Season 4

The story starts with a tragedy with the loss of one hundred and fifty million lives due to the strange happening namely ‘spatial quake.’ The pattern is repeated for thirty years with the strange occurrence of the quakes which is resulted due to the spirits present from a different time. The high school going Shido Itsuka finds an unusual girl in the heart of the quake and is informed by his sister that they are the core reason for the happenings of the quakes resulting in death and casualties of lives. To save his home he has to take control of the spirits which is indeed a difficult task as it involves him making the spirits fall in love with them and stealing a kiss from them.


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