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Earth Protect Team Mod APK 2.31.64 (Unlock armory)


Earth Protect Team Mod APK 2.31.64 (Unlock armory)

Ora Hart –

Do you enjoy survival shooting video games? Download Earth Protect Team and go on objectives as you get rid of aliens, zombies and weird mutants assaulting Earth!

Earth Protect Squad Mod APK 2.31.64 (Unlock armory)



Earth Protect Team


Suitable with.

Android 4.4+

Last variation.



99.47 Mb


Unlock armory




Kisunja – Free Shooting Games



Google Play Link.


MOD Functions

  • Limitless cash
  • Unlock devices
  • Omitting ammunition



We have actually seen a great deal of survival and shooting video games over the previous years. These consists of zombie video games and typical shooting video games. What if there unexpectedly was an intrusion from an extraterrestrial race into Earth? What if their spaceships unexpectedly appeared? In Earth Protect Team, your objective is to safeguard the world from these weird deep space animals! Utilize any weapons at hand to eliminate them.

Earth Protect Squad Mod APK

Nevertheless, these animals are more powerful than typical human beings as they can’t be eliminated by a single bullet. You should spray your weapons at them consistently and they are available in great deals. Play the video game solo or online now to do a lot of objectives together. There are a great deal of weapons you can purchase in the video game and other products that would be of aid such as grenades, drones and more. There are likewise a lot of places and opponents that you’ll require to combat so you require to be mindful!

Battle Aliens

We human beings are consumed with the unidentified and the mystical animals that do not exist. This is why numerous films and programs have actually been made including aliens, zombies and all sorts of insane animals. Aside from that, our love for survival video games appears to have no end. When you integrate aliens and survival video games, you’ll get Earth Protect Team. This is a video game established by Kisunja.

Earth Protect Squad APK Latest Version

Here, you will not be combating other gamers. Rather, you’ll be on the frontlines as Earth’s protectors. Battle versus many aliens that have actually unexpectedly appeared on our orbit. Here, there are various fight mutants that are attempting to assault everybody. The good news is, you will have a lot of weapons to utilize and various sophisticated innovations. There are fight bots, drones, force fields and all sorts of sophisticated tech. Aside from that, you can play this video game with good friends to end these animals together! You can likewise customize and update your weapons to get the most advantage out of it.

Earth Protect Team Includes

Are you a warrior that’s all set to safeguard the Earth from any threat? In Earth Protect Team, you’ll be shooting crowds of weird animals that have actually unexpectedly appeared!

Earth Protect Squad APK Free Download

Battle Odd Animals– Shooting video games have actually been around for a very long time even for Android. We can’t reject that they are a few of the most popular and most satisfying video games to play. Although they have a high gadget requirement, a great deal of individuals would still play video games like Earth Protect Team. Here, you’ll combat not versus other gamers however versus aliens. Particularly, these weird animals appear like a hybrid of aliens and zombies that are more effective than human beings. These mutants consume individuals so they can increase so you should do whatever you can to stop them. Battle in various places, objectives and weapons to conserve Earth from the brink of collapse!

Go Solo or Multiplayer– In this video game, there are 2 primary video game modes which is Solo and Multiplayer. In solo, you can play in a number of objectives that cover in various places. There’s likewise a tutorial and training objectives which intends to let you get utilized to extreme action. Here, each objective includes various opponents. The more objectives you total, the more difficult it gets! This is why you should purchase various weapons. If you desire to play with good friends and random individuals, you can attempt to play in Multiplayer mode. Here, you can have fun with bots or genuine individuals and clear out objectives.

Download Earth Protect Squad For Android

Enjoy weapons and advanced tech– In this video game, there are a great deal of effective and typical weapons you can utilize such as rifles handguns, gatling gun, and a lot more. Aside from that, there are various kinds of characters you can open too with various statistics. These consist of the Destroyer, Guard, Engineer, Professional, Task force and more. To assist you with the battle versus mutants, there are a lot of sophisticated techs you can utilize such as drones, fight bots and force fields. When you’re in a pinch, you can even call in an air strike to assist you!

Excellent and smooth Graphics– Earth Protect Team has among the best and most remarkable graphics for an action video game. The characters and the animals look reasonable the majority of the time. You’ll likewise be impressed with the sound impacts of this video game.

A lot of places and objectives– If you’re tired, you can play this video game for hours! There are a lot of places such as the Desert, Tibet, Castle, City and Bridge. This video game has a great deal of various animals to keep you in action!

Earth Protect Team Mod APK– Unlock armory

Are you all set to smash some aliens? Download Earth Protect Team now and do your finest to safeguard Earth!


Download Earth Protect Team [99.47 Mb]


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