Elite Season 4: Release Date, Cast & Plot

Do you remember the time when you faced bullying or discrimination of some sort? Most of us also questioned our economic status when in school but especially middle-school and high-school molds us either into an entitled brat or as a hardworking individual who knows what they are doing. Netflix presented us with various shows regarding the development of teen years with its unique and relating storylines. One such notable show has been added to its list. The show “Elite” made its debut back in 2018 and now the show is officially renewed for a fourth season which might soon make its return onto the screens to entertain the fans.

-  - Elite Season 4: Release Date, Cast & PlotRelease date: Elite Season 4

The show made its debut back in 2018 with a total of 8 episodes and since then the show was renewed for 3 additional seasons with season four being the latest. The second and third seasons of the show made their return in 2019 and 2020 respectively and last year the makers confirmed the show will return for two additional seasons which means after the release of the fourth season, the fans will have no dilemma about a renewal of the fifth season. However, there is no official confirmation of when the coming season will make its return onto the screens. Although, the makers announced that the show completed its filming for the upcoming season, which means we can expect the show to return by mid or late 2021.

Cast: Elite Season 4

The makers have a big surprise for the fans as the original cast will not reprise their roles and a new cast is all set to appear in the upcoming season as season three concluded the story of our leads in season one, two, and three. It is not all bad news for the fans, few of the cast members are set to return for the fourth season which includes Itzan Escamilla portraying Samu, Miguel Bernadeau portraying Guzman, Aron Piper portraying Ander, Omar Shana portraying Omar, Claudia Salas portraying Rebeca, Georgina Amoros portraying Cayetana. Joining them are Manu Dios along with Pol Grinch, Carla Díaz, and Martina Cardi whose characters are not yet revealed to the fans.

-  - Elite Season 4: Release Date, Cast & PlotPlot: Elite Season 4

The show will return with new characters and maybe the plot will remain the same except for the encounters the old characters will have with the new ones. The makers are keeping everything under wraps but they also renewed the series for a fifth season which means there is something big coming the fans’ way. For now, we do know that the students might have to face new troubles and maybe a little drama from the previous seasons.

-  - Elite Season 4: Release Date, Cast & PlotStoryline: Elite Season 4

The show is a combination of mystery and murder genre and with a twist of drama which includes the regular teenage romance, sexual tension, and mental issues of various students. However, the story begins with the clash between the scholarship-based students and the entitled students. The students do not have it easy along with dealing with criticism about their background students must deal with a couple of murders and covering them up. However, all this does not prove easy.

The makers did not release a trailer for season 4 but they did release a clip announcing the return of the show.

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