‘Firefly Lane’ Season 1 on Netflix: Release Date, Cast and A lot more!

For a long time television has been the best entertainment source for the people. Nowadays television makes one step ahead and introduced digital platforms to telecast shows. There are millions of series, movies and shows are running now on the digital platforms. Every day a new series is coming on television. Yet another new series will soon join this list. American series Firefly Lane is the new series that is ready to debut on television. Its become a trend to adapt novels into series. Firefly Lane Season 1 is also one of them. Firefly Lane Season 1 will be a total dramatic series. The audience is eager to watch Firefly Lane Season 1.

Release Date: Firefly Lane Season 1

Whenever it is about the release date, it is often a confusing topic among the fans because various new portals or entertainment news columns give a different release date for the same series. But fortunately, Firefly Lane Season1 is not drawn into such confusion because its premiere date is already announced by the makers. Firefly Season 1 will definitely air this year’s February month and the date will be 3rd February. So, it’s only a month left to welcome this awesome Firefly Lane Season 1. All the episodes of Firefly Lane Season 1 will be released on the same day and probably there will be a total of 10 episodes with different title names.

Cast: Firefly Lane Season 1

The audience is always enthusiastic to hear the names of the star cast of any new show. Firefly Lane Season 1 will also have some new faces that you didn’t see before and some of the faces that you knew already because of their previous shows and movies. The main star cast of Firefly Lane Season 1 consists of names like Katherine Heigl, Ben Lawson, Beau Garett, Canadian star Sarah Chalke and Yael Yurman. Firefly Lane Season 1 will also have some supporting characters which will be played by stars like Patrick Sabongui, Jon Ecker, Cherah Horsdal, Brendon Taylor, Branden McLaren, and Jeena Rosenow.

Plot: Firefly Lane Season 1

Firefly Lane Season 1’s plot will depict the life of two friends who are still together in their 40’s. The plot is mainly about the love, sacrifices, joy, and sorrow in the friendship. The plot will showcase the interesting proceedings and events that occur in the life of Tully portrayed by Katherine and Kate portrayed by Sarah. Firefly Lane Season 1 will have many flashback moments where the audience will see how these two friends met first and how they started their friendship. Slowly the plot will take all of us through some interesting events and situations in which their bond will be tested and how they cross all these problems to survive their friendship.

Life is all about to test bonds at difficult phases and similarly, the two protagonists of Firefly Lane Season 1 will cherish their memories of teenage and childhood while making up the day in their 40’s. So, it will be a very emotional and real-life drama that will entertain all of us immensely. Pure soul, trust, and life long commitments with serenity are all the factors that we all are going to see in Firefly Lane Season 1. Firefly Lane’s trailer is out and you can see it in the following section.

Trailer: Firefly Lane Season 1

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