Great Pretender Season 3 Release Date, Should Fans Anticipate a Season 3 of the Netflix Anime?

The manga or the anime series usually takes a lot of time to get its production work done. It usually takes a year and more in few cases and so at times, the audience either expects more from the series or forgets about it. One such show is the “Great Pretender.” The show took the world of anime to another level with its storyline and visuals giving a tough competition to many. The series became an instant favourite for many and why not? Now there is a common question asked is when will the series will make its return to the screens?

Release date: Great Pretender Season 3

The show which already wrapped 2 seasons by 2020 is a well-acclaimed show on Netflix. Does the question remain that if the show will return for a third season? There are various speculations on how the end of the second season gave a hint of the show being renewed but few also say there might not be another show and this is it. But the audience has to wait for the official confirmation from the makers about the news of the show’s renewal. If ever there will be a season 3 then the season is most likely will take time for production work and we can not expect it any time soon.

Cast: Great Pretender Season 3

The cast of the series “Great Pretender” consists of the following:

  • Chaika Kobayashi in the role of Makato Edamura,
  • Junichi Suwabe in the role of Laurent Thierry,
  • Mie Sonozaki in the role of Cynthia Moore,
  • Natsumi Fujiwara in the role of Abigail Jones.

Plot: Great Pretender Season 3

The plot of the series might remind you of another story which is Oliver Twist, except Oliver Twist never let the circumstances change him or let him compromise his character. Here we witness a con artist thinking he is the best but little did he know there is someone else more clever who performed a con on a con man. Both of the con artists want the title of ‘best’ con-man there is and challenge to pull off a con on a mafia-boss which indeed was dangerous. The two travel city to city conning, scamming and stealing several individuals and uncaught. The show left the audience on speculation about how season 2 ended.

Storyline: Great Pretender Season 3

The show left many speculating regarding the show’s return. However, the show was recently released and release a season 2 in the same year as well. so, we can not expect the show to return anytime soon as the first season took 11-13 months to complete its production work and, filming of the show and if ever the makers make an announcement about the shows return it might take the same amount of time as the first couple of season took. The storyline of season 3 is still under wraps as season 2 ended while giving birth to several questions. The audience has to wait for an official confirmation from the outlets and makers regarding the news of renewal or cancellation of the show.


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