Here’s Whatever We understand About “Legacies” Season 3

We all had dreams about becoming friends with a supernatural being or at least thought they were real and are hiding somewhere in the world, preferably in wet and shady places. One such fantasy show is the “Legacies.” The famous spin-off of ‘The originals’ is the ‘Legacies.’ Legacies has a huge fan base due to its supernatural elements of vampires and werewolf bloodline. The show completed 2 seasons and is renewed for a third. The makers of the show released a trailer for season 3 recently.

-  - Here’s Whatever We understand About “Legacies” Season 3

Release date: Legacies Season 3

The show made its debut in 2018 and then was renewed for another season which aired in 2019. The show put a stop to their production due to the pandemic but soon after completed the filming of season 2 and then dropped the news of the show being renewed for season 3. The makers of the show recently dropped a trailer for season 3 and announced that the show will be returning in January of 2021.

Cast: Legacies Season 3

The show has few familiar faces that were seen in “The Vampire Diaries” and “The originals.” The cast of the legacies is Danielle Rose Russell in the role of Hope, Aria Shahghasemi in the role of Landon, Kaylee Bryant in the role of Josie, Jenny Boyd in the role of Lizzie, Matt Davis in the role of Alaric along with Quincy Fouse as ‘MG’ and Peyton Alex Smith as Rafael.

Also, the makers of the show neither confirmed nor denied about the potential return of a few other characters from both TVD and The Originals. Fans will surely be pleased if anyone from these shows makes an appearance in the upcoming season.

-  - Here’s Whatever We understand About “Legacies” Season 3

Plot: Legacies Season 3

Legacies have Hope Mikaelson as the protagonist in the show. Hope who is the heir of two supernatural beings Klaus and Hayley Mikaelson. Hope is in admitted into a school especially for supernatural beings named as “The Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted.” Hope then meets people who are similar to her. Young adults are usually very impulsive and imagine being a supernatural being and not knowing how to control their powers. The school provides them to take control of their powers. There is no balance in their lives and all the specially gifted beings thrive for some balance in their life.

-  - Here’s Whatever We understand About “Legacies” Season 3

Storyline: Legacies Season 3

There are no details about what will be the storyline of season 3 of the Legacies. But season 2 ended abruptly with Hope and Landon not regaining consciousness. So there is no saying of what season 3 brings us. The show is set to air from January of 2020 and we expect all the answers.  Leo is now announced as a series regular so it is like we will spend some time with Ethan in Mystic falls. But with the two main characters not waking up there is no telling of what will happen in the coming season. Although the production of the new series has begun and the release date is announced we still are sceptical about the storyline of the show.

Here is the trailer of the new Legacies season 3

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