Home Of Cards Season 7 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Can We See Some New Deals With in the Upcoming Season? When it was very first launched back in 2013,

House of Cards is a Netflix original American political thriller and drama series that gained massive popularity when it was first released back in 2013. It is the success of House of Cards that paved the way for more and more Netflix originals. Flash forward seven years and Netflix makes huge blockbuster level movies and TV shows with top-notch production design, greatly revered on screen and behind the screen talent, as well as excellent quality that can be attested for by viewers as well as the award nominations and wins that these entertainment properties earn for themselves.

Release Date: House of Cards Season 7

There is no current release date set for House of Cards season seven. House of Cards ended with its sixth and final season in the November of 2018 with no plans for a revival or reboot to take place any time soon. The showrunners, Frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson decided to finish the show with season six after the deeply disturbing details brought forth by a scandal involving Kevin Spacey who plays the lead character of Frank Underwood.

Cast: House of Cards Season 7

House of Cards season six having wrapped up the storylines and character journeys for all plot lines of the shows pose great uncertainty for what the season seven cast would have been. The cast would probably bring back Robin Wright as Frank Underwood’s wife, Claire Underwood. Apart from this, the major roster of characters and actors would probably return as series regulars. The main cast of House of Cards includes

  • Kevin Spacey in the role of Frank Underwood
  • Robin Wright in the role of Claire Underwood
  • Michael Kelly in the role of Doug Stamper
  • Kate Mara in the role of Zoe Barnes
  • Derek Cecil in the role of Seth Grayson
  • Jayne Atkinson in the role of Catherine Durant
  • Nathan Darrow in the role of Edward Meechum
  • Mahershala Ali in the role of Remy Danton
  • Reg E Cathy in the role of Freddy
  • Molly Parker in the role of Jackie Sharpe
  • Elizabeth Marvel in the role of Heather Dunbar
  • Diane Lane in the role of Annette Shepherd

Cancellation Reason: House of Cards Season 7

House of Cards was a consistently positively performing show in terms of audience ratings and critics reviews. The harrowing allegations against Kevin Spacey are widely believed to be the reason why the show was immediately put under a very tight spot, leaving few options as to what could happen next. The showrunners did decide to kill off Kevin Spacey’s character Frank Underwood. The focus of the show then shifted to Claire Underwood, a character who was already considered to be a fan favourite and one of the many things that made House of Cards truly great, to begin with. This was a prudent choice made by the creative team behind the show as it gives the show a chance to end on its own terms while also moving past the majorly problematic news stories that surrounded it.

Storyline: House of Cards Season 7

House of Cards is a program set in the extremely high stakes world of Washington DC politics. It follows protagonist Frank Underwood after being double-crossed by the US president who he helped win the election. Frank then decides to take his revenge, by plotting a set of ingenious schemes that will undoubtedly take him to the top of the political food chain whilst ruining the lives of anyone who comes in his way.

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