Log Horizon Season 3 to Stream on Funimation Network.

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The fans of the famous anime series “Log horizon” were astounded with the comeback and renewal of the series for a third season. The ongoing pandemic delayed too many activities including the filming of the series which started its’ production work initially this year. The fan base for the series is massive and the craze is immense. The makers of the series sure did take their sweet time to start the production work on the series and unlike the previous seasons; this season will wrap up in 12 episodes.

-  - Log Horizon Season 3 to Stream on Funimation Network.

Release date: Log horizon season 3

The show is titled  “Log horizon: Destruction of the round table.” The show was originally considered to air in October of this year, but the fans have to wait a little longer and can blame the ongoing pandemic for the delay. There is anyway good news for the fans as the network confirms its release date through their official social page with a trailer attached. The makers confirm that the 12 episode series will air in January 2021.

Cast: Log horizon season 3

The network did not confirm the characters and the actors of the show, but it is most likely that the original cast is to reprise ther roles as Shiroe by Akuna Terashima, Akatsuki by Emiri Katou, Isuzu by Matsuo Naotsugu by Tomoaki Maeno. The other cast members include Maeno and Nakata. The makers have not confirmed the addition of other characters for the upcoming season.

-  - Log Horizon Season 3 to Stream on Funimation Network.

Plot: Log horizon season 3

The show belongs to the genre of sci-fi. Where about thirty thousand Japanese players are dropped into an Elder Tale universe. The plot revolves around gamers and how  virtual reality becomes their new reality and how they overcome every obstacle and difficulty. The shift in the character of th protagonist is a notable feature, he goes from a socially awkward gamer to an actual hero in the gaming world. The first season showed the viewers how hundreds of thousands of gamers are pulled into a gaming world and their struggle to adjust to the new environment. The second season was all about the team and teamwork, how each individual struggled to overcome the obstacles in front of them. It also showed the viewers how the characters were trying to overcome their fears. Season three might highlight the invasion of Tenwazavsai, although it is yet to be confirmed.

-  - Log Horizon Season 3 to Stream on Funimation Network.

Storyline: Log horizon season 2

An extraordinary setting, marvellous cast and a unique story made the fans go crazy about the series. For the characters what was once ‘Sword and Sorcery world’ is now their reality. The title of the third season is set as “Log horizon: Destruction of the round table.” The title itself suggests that the viewers are going to witness immense drama and twists. The series is more likely to resume its oldstory line from the previous seasons that is the invasion of the monsters called Tenwazawai. There are other aspects in the show to cover as well like the cleft between the eastern empire and the West empire and the most crucial one bringing peace to Akiba by the Round table alliance.

The makers released a teaser through their official page. Click the link below to watch it.


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