Madam Secretary Season 7: New Season Cancelled or Restored? Release Date, Cast, Plot, and more!

I know that it’s been a long time since I came up with a political or legal genre dramas. So before you guys start spamming me with complaints, look over what I have now for you. The CBS aired a fantastic piece of such genre named Madam Secretary, and if you are into political dramas, then you should know that CBS always airs such series. The creator, Barbara Hall, has a complete package of 120 episodes wrapped up in six seasons waiting for you.

Madam Secretary Season 7: Release Date

When we start to look from the year 2014 to 2019, Madam Secretary never failed the fans, when every season of the series got acclamation for the role-playing as well as criticism for the storyline we never thought that it would end like this. To make it clear, Madam Secretary Season 7 got cancelled by CBS. But fans were not ready for it to conclude too soon and they hoped to get more of Elizabeth Adam McCord.

Madam Secretary Season 7: Reason for Cancellation

Well, there is nothing straightforward about the reasons for cancellations because the demand for the show was quite decent till the very end. We feel that the show ended because the story was complete. I mean, what do you guys expect? Elizabeth made it to the President’s chair from the position of a CIA Analyst, isn’t it a proper conclusion? What else can we ask for and except for this fact the only reason I can think of is that CBS did not want to drag it on and make it lose the reputation.

Madam Secretary Season 7: Cast

If you ask me do describe the cast with a single word, then I will choose the word “perfect”. Now, why I am saying so? Because the characters are a perfect fit for the artists or you can tell the artists did not leave a stone unturned in their job. We see Téa Leone playing the lead as Elizabeth Adams McCord aka Bess and Tim Daly playing the role of Henry McCord. At the same time, Bebe Neuwirth played the role of Bebe Neuwirth, Željko Ivanek played the role of Russell Jackson, Erich Bergen played the role of Blake Moran, and Patina Miller played the role of Daisy Grant. Evan Roe, Keith Carradine, Sebastian Arcelus and Kevin Rahm showed up as Jason McCord, Conrad Dalton, Jay Whitman, and Michael Banrow.

Madam Secretary Season 7: Storyline

I will brief you about the series in a season-wise manner here. The first season shows us the appointment of Elizabeth McCord as the Secretary of States in the US Parliament from a CIA Analyst. With this new role in hand, she ventures a new journey. In the next season, which is the second one in the series, we see how Elizabeth is handling her job in a mess of several political and personal matters. When things start to untangle in the third season another trouble regarding Russia and the USA government makes its way to Elizabeth and her team. 

When Elizabeth finds herself in the middle of a conspiracy, she makes a move to clear her name in the fourth season. We can see a significant character development of our lead as she now solves all the problems in her way very efficiently.  With the last of hurdles in the fifth and sixth seasons, which makes our main heroine stronger than she ever was, Elizabeth is now the President of the United States of America and the family of hers is reunited with a stronger bond.

Are you looking for more such legal drama series? I have got one for you here named House of Cards. Believe me, when I say that you will never regret reading House of Cards Season 7 and let me give you a tip here, the series ended with a scene. But for the details, you have to read it yourself.

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