Majo no Tabitabi Season 2: Most Current Release Date, Cast & Plot Information

Along with manga novel and their animation adaption, Japan is popular for another novel type i.e ranobe and its animation adaption. Fans and audiences are always curious to know which animation series is going to release. And again there is news of an upcoming installment of one animation series which is based on the stories of one ranobe. Yes, you read it right. Japanese animation series Majo No Tabitabi is in talks for its next part i.e the second installment of Majo No Tabitabi. The name of the series is dubbed in English as Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina for western fans and audiences. Acclaimed by various critics and novel reviewers, the first part of Majo No Tabitabi was also praised by the fans and audience and now they are waiting for the second part of Majo No Tabitabi.

Release Date: Majo No Tabitabi Season 2

Majo No Tabitabi came with its first installment this year 2020 in October month and recently its finale was premiered in December. So, this is very hard to estimate and guess the release date of the second part of Majo No Tabitabi. Though taking in the consideration of time for overall production and editing, the second installment of Majo No Tabitabi may hit the screens somewhere in 2022. Yes, it will take nearly a year to release. Fans and audiences have to hold back their enthusiasm and eagerness as there is a lot of time for the release of Majo No Tabitabi Part 2.

Cast: Majo No Tabitabi Season 2

It is just 15 days to the finale episode of Majo No Tabiatabi Season 1 and the makers also didn’t make any official announcement regarding the second part of Majo No Tabitbi. So, it is irrelevant to talk about its cast and characters. But as the series only completed just the first part, there are 100% chances of having a similar cast and characters in the second installment of Majo No Tabitabi. So the possible cast may include voice-over artists for the Japanese version such as Kaede Hondo, Tomoyo Kurosawa, Yoko Hikasa, Kana Hanazawa, and Mianami Takahashi. The English language version may have voice-over artists such as Amber Connors, Dani Chambers, and Jad Saxton. The other names will be revealed soon when the makers will make their official announcement.

Plot: Majo No Tabitabi Season 2

The plot of Majo No Tabitabi part 2 has yet to announce as its first installment was just ended a few days before. Still, there are chances of following the plot of the first part. The plot of the second installment of Majo No Tabitabi will focus on the further journey of central character Elaina in different places like she did in the first part of the series. There will be a plot that concentrates on different people and the different situations on which Elaina will tumble upon to discover various emotions and human feelings. So, it will be interesting for the fans to see to which new place Elaina will go and what will she discover?

Storyline: Majo No Tabitabi Season 2

Majo No Tabitabi chronicles the story of the main lead character Elaina who is a magician. After achieving success in wizardry exams. She starts her journey to visit all the places she wants to visit before as it was her dream. During her one visit, she unexpectedly comes face to face with her doppelganger but the doppelganger was not like her at all. The doppelganger turns out to be an evil Elaina who harms the people. After that real Elaina fights with her. The next season i.e. the part 2 of Majo No Tabitabi will showcase the further story of Elaina and her adventures in new places. Fans have to wait a long for the trailer of this upcoming Majo No Tabitabi Season 2.

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