‘Manifest’ Season 3: Whatever We Understand!

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Manifest is a drama/sci-fi/fantasy show which follows the lives of passengers on Montego Air Flight 828. What seemed like a regular take off for this particular aircraft turns into a supernatural mystery when the flight lands, only five whole years after the day it departed. The show follows the story of these passengers as they start their life in a new world where all of them have been mourned, and unfortunately forgotten. Adjusting to the normalcy of their old quotidian lives would be hard enough, but now the passengers start to realize that they were meant to be part of a greater scheme at hand.

-  - ‘Manifest’ Season 3: Whatever We Understand!

Release Date: Manifest Season 3

The first season of Manifest premiered in 2018 as a part of NBC’s (National Broadcasting Company) fall line up of shows. This season ran for sixteen episodes. The show was then renewed for season two and returned early in the early January of 2020, going up until March in the same year. On the 16th of June 2020, the Manifest Twitter account reported that a third season has been cleared for take-off.

Cast: Manifest Season 3

Showrunner Jeff Rake has revealed that a new character will be joining the show. This character will be a passenger on Flight 828 that has not yet shown up on Ben’s radar. Actress Holly Taylor has been cast in this role. Her previous, most notable roles being for The Americans and The Witch Files. Jeff Rake has also promised the return of another mystery character who will make a surprise appearance. That said all other series regulars will be coming back for their respective roles. The main line up of characters being Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh), Ben Stone (Josh Dallas), Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis), Jared Vasques (JR Ramirez), Olive Stone (Luna Blaise), Cal Stone (Jack Messina), and Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur).

-  - ‘Manifest’ Season 3: Whatever We Understand!

Plot: Manifest Season 3

Little is known about the third season of Manifest. However, we can confirm that the mystery of the Flight 828 tailfin will be delved into. This is further supported by evidence that the title episode of season three will be called Tailfin. On the 28th of August, or otherwise called 828 day by Jeff Rake, a few loose descriptions of the main storylines for next season were revealed to the fans. These not only involved the mystery of the tailfin, but also a new love interest for Jared, a two-character story arc shared by Michaela and Zeke, and a tease that some passengers will use their Calling for more harm than good.

-  - ‘Manifest’ Season 3: Whatever We Understand!

Storyline: Manifest Season 3

Developed by Jeff Rake and executive produced by Robert Zemeckis (the director of the Back to the Future movies), the first season of Manifest focused almost completely on a secret organization that kidnapped and experimented on the passengers of Flight 282. These passengers were found in the season using Cal’s sight. This resulted in Vance’s death, but it won’t be hard to believe that his character might return. Considering the tease by Jeff Rake about the same. Season two mainly concluded with a few twists and further developments. These involved Zeke (Matt Landon) coming back to life despite him reaching his death date, Saanvi killing the Major (Elizabeth Marvel) and discovering the scientists’ plan to weaponize the anomaly, and finally the previously discussed mystery of the tailfin. With all that has happened and knowing what’s in store, the third season of Manifest can’t arrive fast enough

Trailer: Manifest Season 3

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