Monarca Season 2 Launched on January 2021! Release Date, Cast & What to Anticipate?

Monarca Season 2 Launched on January 2021! Release Date, Cast & What to Anticipate?

Ever heard of  “Alcohol tastes better than tears”? Well, we did and the lead character of the show ‘Monarca’ did too. But unfortunately, unlike us, it is not so easy for the journalist to take up an entire empire of her father dealing with alcohol specifically tequila. Ana knew there was a reason she kept her distance from her father’s business and made an entire life for herself without his influence. But with a powerful family like hers and the money they deal with it was evident the deeds will catch up to her and they did. Soon she was called back to her home and with a surprise, which she did not appreciate.

Release date: Monarca Season 2

Like the many works in the entertainment business, even Monarca hold-off the filming because of the restrictions imposed but later with all the necessary precautions the shooing and production work were back in action and now are almost done with the necessary work for it to release the new season. The show will be back on screens on the 1st of January of the coming year.

Cast: Monarca Season 2 (WRITE IN A BETTER FORMAT)

The show has Irene Azuela reprising her role as Ana MAria Carranza Davila along with Osvaldo Benavides enacting as Andres Carranza Davila, Juan Manuel Bernal in the role of Joquin Carranza Davila, Rosa Maria Bianchi representing the character of Cecilia Davila De Carranza. Adding to this cast are Antonio de la Vega playing as Bernardo, Luis Rabago in the role of Agustin Carranza, Sophie Gomez  playing as Amelia, James Hyde portraying Martin Ross, Carla Adell portraying Camila Ross Carranza, Regina Pavon in the role of Lourdes Carranza, DaliJr Gonzalez in the role of Pablo Carranza,  Alejandro de Hoyos representing Rodrigo Ross Carranza, Jose Manuel Rincon depicting as Gonzalo Carranza and  Daniela Schmidt as Pilar Ortega.

Plot: Monarca Season 2

Even though the show is renewed for another season and the trailer is out too, the fans can not intercept the plot of the upcoming season because of the complex creation and this is what is a strategy to attract viewers. The show is highly dramatic with all elements needed for a person to hook to it and become an instant fan. However, the story is still kind of grey and we expect the younger generations to learn and make their mark in the market. The show ended with an intense cliffhanger which left the fans curious. The intense drama we witnessed in season 1 is all set to repeat in season 2 as well. The fans have to wait for a few more days to get answers to all their questions.

Storyline: Monarca Season 2

The storyline of the show is intense and was right to capture the audience’s attention and curiosity. The show revolves around a journalist who also happens to be the daughter of the famous Mexican businessman who deals with alcohol and specifically who made his mark in the tequila business. However, like every father he wanted his child to take over his business but Ana was never interested in the business but now is lured back to the city with her father lying to her and soon she realizes her father has other intentions for her future and in which she has no interest in.

Click the link below to watch the new trailer of Monarca Season 2.


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