Netflix’s ‘Virgin River’ Season 3: Release Date & Whatever We Understand Up Until Now

Trauma has different ways to crawl up in our lives, we all must have gone through various hurdles in our lives and one affects us more than the other and few do a number on us and unrecoverable ones. But, we all need to ask for help when needed and at least be strong enough to come through. The makers of the show “Virgin River” are narrating a different story about trauma and pain and the will to come through it. The show which made its debut back in 2019 is now set to return for a third season this year and here is what we know so far.

-  - Netflix’s ‘Virgin River’ Season 3: Release Date & Whatever We Understand Up Until Now

Release date: Virgin River Season 3

The show made its debut in 2019 and was soon renewed for a second season and concluded in 2020, wasting no time the makers announced the show will be returning for a third season. However, the dates of filming did affect due to the pandemic but the good news id the cast and crew returned and began their filming for the upcoming season. Although, the makers have not confirmed the official release date of the season we can expect it before the end of 2021 due to its quick work in filming and production work. The season is officially confirmed to have 10 episodes this season.

Cast: Virgin River Season 3

The show has a well-known cast, Alexandra Breckenridge portraying Melinda Monroe aka Mel, Martin Henderson portraying Jack Sheridan. Joining them are Colin Lawrence in the role of John Middleton aka Preacher, Jenny copper in the role of Joey Barnes, Lauren Hammersley in the role of Charmaine Roberts, Annette O’Toole in the role of Hope McCrea, Tim Matheson in the role of Vernon Mullins, Benjamin Hollingsworth in the role of Dan Brady along with Grayson Guernsey portraying Ricky and Sarah Dugdale in and as Lizzie.

-  - Netflix’s ‘Virgin River’ Season 3: Release Date & Whatever We Understand Up Until Now

Plot: Virgin River Season 3

Season 3 will start with an irony of Jack getting shot in the Virgin River after serving as a U.S Marine in the corps. The previous season ended with a gut-wrenching scene where Mel finds Jack covered in his blood after getting shot. Just when they thought when they can have a happy ever after coming through their fears and scars they are put into another dilemma. This is not it, we have to see what did Vernon discovered in the diagnosis. Saying that the show makers also revealed that few other members will be joining the present cast in season 3.

-  - Netflix’s ‘Virgin River’ Season 3: Release Date & Whatever We Understand Up Until Now

Storyline: Virgin River Season 3

The show is an adaptation of novels by Robyn Carr with the same title. The show explores various lives of individuals living in a town named ‘Virgin River’ and others willing to give their life a fresh start. However, not everything is proved easy when Mel moves to the town hoping to forget her past which includes the death of her better half and baby and also the news of her diagnosis of her never being a mother again. However, she starts to heal with the help of John a local bar owner and former military who is haunted by his demons. But this is not all the town in itself holds secrets which make things hard for everyone.


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