‘Queen of the South’ Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Cancelled or Restored for Season 5?

We all saw love stories and with a pinch of elements like hate, revenge, or maybe death. We all witnessed or read about great love stories like Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and read about novels like ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ and more. The entertainment industry added its storyline throughout the revolution of such stories. Another such revolutionary story is the “Queen Of The South”, which made its debut in 2016 and is now renewed for a fifth season in 2019 but was put a pause due to the ongoing pandemic. But soon after they resumed their production value and filming and are now all set to return to the screens.

Release date: Queen Of South Season 5

The show was immediately renewed for season after season and it was renewed for a fifth season back in 2019 but could not continue its filming due to the pandemic. The filming of season 5 was soon resumed and now is all set to return by the summer of this year. The show will continue from where it’s left off and add a plot to it. Looking at the huge fan base the show can mostly return for another season as well.

Cast: Queen Of South Season 5

The original cast is all set to return for another season. The show has Alicia Braga in the role of Teresa Mendoza aka The Queen, Hemky Madera in the role of Pote Galvez, Molly Burnett in the role of Kelly Anne Van Awken, Burnett in the role of Kelly Ann, Vera Cherny in the role of Oksana Volkova, Peter Gadiot in the role of James Valdez. There are a couple of cast members who would not be returning to reprise their roles, they are Julian Silva who played the role of Tony Parra, and Alfonso Herrera who played the role of Javier Jimenez.

Plot: Queen Of The South Season 5

After adjusting to her role as the drug dealer and making her mark as the queen of the drug world. This season will most likely evaluate the illegal deeds the queen has been dealing with. The Drug Enforcement Administration will most likely catch up to her and that is not all, the rival gangs will most likely come after her as well. It is evident due to the hint of James informing her ‘They are coming for you.’ However, James will be playing a vital role in the coming season to fill up the missing gap in him in season 4.

Storyline: Queen Of The South Season 5

The show was the adaptation of a novella and a telenovela which revolves around the protagonist Teresa who belongs to a poor background and falls in love with a gang member and the boss of the gang leading a drug cartel who dies in a shoot out with a rival gang and soon Teresa takes up the responsibility of leading the drug cartel and soon becomes the “Queen” of it. She surpasses her poor days with acquiring money and properties by dealing with drugs. That does not mean that it does not have its occupational hazards.

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