Scissor 7 Season 3: What Is Learnt about Season 3?

Ever thought about assassins and maybe they are hiding in plain sight maybe like your cook, driver, postman or, even better your barber. Well, the show creator He Xiaofen got the idea of disguising our lead as a barber but also what happens if he is an amateur and has to learn everything? This is not the only twist found in the whole show many elements surprise the audiences and ultimately led to the show’s success and most anticipated in the world of amine. The show released its second season in 2020 and the fans expect the show to return for a third season as well.

-  - Scissor 7 Season 3: What Is Learnt about Season 3?

Release date: Scissor Seven Season 3

The show made its debut back in 2018 and released its second season in 2020. However, unlike many anime series this, one does not take much time to renew its series so the fans can expect to hear a piece of good news soon. The show is most likely to announce its return by early or mid-2021. Although there is no official statement regarding the show’s renewal or cancellation we can surely hope for  good news because of the popularity the show holds. Again, there is more story to tell than in the previous 2 seasons.

Cast: Scissor Seven Season 3

The show has the following in the lead:

  • Seven portrayed by Ronny Chieng,
  • Dai Bo portrayed by Jas Patrick,
  • The Audience portrayed by Jake Green and Greg Chun,
  • Da Fei portrayed by Aleks Le,
  • Chairman Jiang portrayed by Karen Huie,
  • Meow is portrayed by Jill Bartlett.

-  - Scissor 7 Season 3: What Is Learnt about Season 3?

Plot: Scissor Seven Season 3

Even though the status of the show is still uncertain and even the story is still under wrap. However, the storyline of the upcoming season will be a continuation of the ongoing story. Seven is now coming  back to his normal state after beating amnesia. The medical experiment seems to be working and Seven is recalling his past life. There are however many questions regarding the show’s storyline and gives birth to many speculations. The viewers have to wait for a few more weeks possibly months to get good news regarding the renewal and storyline of the show.

-  - Scissor 7 Season 3: What Is Learnt about Season 3?

Storyline: Scissor Seven Season 3

The show which made its debut back in 2018 was soon after renewed for a second season and now is expected to make its return for a third season. The show which is a comedy-drama became widely appreciated within  no time. However, the lead of the series is an assassin but also a good samaritan for the people he is given a contract of killing them. Seven himself was an amateur who is trained to become an assassin from nothing and is expected to become number one in his profession. Seven is soon joined by thirteen who helped him from getting caught not before she realizes that he forgot about his past due to his good deeds specifically him saving a girl he got a contract of killing. His cover is being a daytime barber and nighttime assassin but soon after his medical condition, he is admitted in a medical treatment which should help him in retrieving his memory.

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