Shimoneta Season 2: Is it occurring? Release Date, Cast, Plot and Whatever you require to understand

The increase in technology is considered as both boon and bane to human civilization. Now imagine that with the same technology there is a foreign object living in your body which can detect any dirty or nasty words or joke and is punishable under law. Yes, you heard it right the show ‘Shimoneta’ brings us a similar story where in the future we will be witnessing a world without dirty jokes, and even if you do it is a crime and is punishable under law. Can you imagine the world without a little bit of spice and dirty jokes? Well, we surely can not.

Release date: Shimoneta Season 2

The show which made its debut back in 2015 and got a huge response from the audience is still on the status pending renewal. The show left the audience in awe but also with many questions so the fans are hoping that the show will make a return very soon. However, the show makers have not confirmed anything regarding the show but it is not new for true anime fans as they tend to take a very long period to even release about its status of being renewed or cancelled. Although there are a considerable amount of rumours regarding the beginning of the production work of the series. So, if all goes well we can expect a second season in 2021.

Cast: Shimoneta Season 2

The show has Tanukichi Okuma portrayed by Yusuke Kobayashi in Japanese and Josh Grelle in English, Ayame Kajou aka the Blue Snow portrayed by Shizuka Ishigami in Japanese and Jamie Marchi in English, Anna Nishikinomiya portrayed by Miyu Matsuki In Japanese and Monica Rial in English and Otome Saotome portrayed by Satomi Arai in Japanese and Brittney Karbowski in English in the lead. If ever the show makes its return the old cast is most likely to reprise their roles.

Plot: Shimoneta Season 2

The plot of season 2 is still under wraps but we can expect the storyline of season 1 continuing in season 2 as well as season 1 did not entirely cover the true intentions of Tanukichi Okuma. Going against the laws and breaking the laws is his new regime now. He aims to free the people from the destructive and harmful laws in which he is only halfway there so the plot will again continue to show the same.

Storyline: Shimoneta Season 2

The story is set in the perspective of the future of  Japans specifically in 2030. The show takes us to a fantasy world with advanced technology and strict laws than ever were even talking and cracking dirty jokes is considered a punishable offence. Here enters the protagonist of the show who is now stuck between freeing the people from these destructive laws and for his love for Anna for whom he joins the school of public morals. But all is not easy for him as he gets himself mixed up with blue snow who desired him and also assures that there are ways in which he can beat the peacemaker devices which are installed on every individual and capable of transferring messages to the officials.

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