‘Sugary Food House’ Season 2 on Netflix: Renewal Status & Release Date

We all in our childhood tell our parents to check under beds and in closets to see if there is a monster and later did you ever thought of the world being invaded by monsters and you are the last man standing to protect your fellow humans and friends? Well, Netflix has done it yet again where they portrayed the world being invaded by monsters and there is a blood bath everywhere along with coping with losing some of your in the process. Netflix which welcomed the new K-pop drama titled ‘Sweet Home’ is now the favorite of many in no time. We do not know if the monsters will be successful in invading the world but the show surely did invade the hearts of the millions.

Release date: Sweeet Home Season 2

There is no official confirmation of when the show will return for a second season but the chances of renewal are high because of the show’s popularity in no time. The release of Sweet Home’s first season was delayed due to the ongoing pandemic but it managed to release and make its mark on the audience. The makers of the show have not confirmed any news regarding the show’s renewal but based on the season 1 ending and the show’s rates are concrete enough for the show to make its return. If this is the case then the show will most likely return in late 2021 or early 2022.

Cast: Sweet Home Season 2

The series stars Song Kang in the role of Cha Hyun Soo, Lee JinWook in the role of SangWook,  Lee SiYoung in the role of Seo YiKung,  Lee DoHyun in the role of brainiac Lee Eunhyuk, Park GyuYoung in the role of Yoon JiSu, Go Min-Si in the role of Eun Lee, Kim NamGee in the role of Jeong JaeHeon, Kim KapSoo in the role of Ahn GilSeop along with Goo YoonJung in the role of  Park YuRi and Kim Sangho as Han Dusik in the lead roles.

Plot: Sweet Home Season 2

There is a lot of potential for the storyline of season 2. There are many avenues to explore and many characters to unravel. Although the show makers have not confirmed any storyline for the upcoming season it is safe to assume that we may get answers to our questions like is Sang-Wook dead or he is transforming into a monster and the character exploration of Yi Kyung? And of course, the biggest question remains will the survivors be able to come out of the greenhouse alive and with limited resources? It looks like the audience has to wait for a little bit longer to find answers to these questions.


Storyline: Sweet Home Season 2

The story which was adapted from the comics with the same title revolves around few people who live in the same building namely the Green Houses join their forces together to protect themselves and their loved ones take responsibility for destroying the monsters who plan to take upon them and are aiming towards destroying the humans around into them. The story revolves around how they can succeed but at the same time witness the loss of their loved ones and their near ones getting turned into monsters.

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