‘Taboo’ Season 2: Release plot, date and cast.

Much awaited British crime thriller series Taboo will soon come with its new season. Applauded by the critics, the Taboo Season 1 also got a huge response from fans and audience.  As the Taboo Season 1 was such a masterpiece so the fans and audience are excited to watch its new season. Right now the Taboo Season 2 is one of the most anticipated shows amongst the fans and audience. Taboo Season 2 definitely will also have the blended mixture of thrill, crime and lots of drama like its predecessor. So it’s exciting to see what’s new in the account of this upcoming season.

-  - ‘Taboo’ Season 2: Release plot, date and cast.Release Date: Taboo Season 2

Taboo Season 2 is one of the most anticipated show and was renewed right back in March 2017 immediately after the first season ended. The BBC television and Scott Free London announced back then in March 2017 that the second season of Taboo will be released soon and will be of eight episodes like its predecessor. But even after more than three years, no official confirmation has been made about its release date.

Cast: Taboo Season 2

The first season of Taboo had an ensemble cast of  Tom Hardy, Leo Bill, Jessie Buckley, Oona Chaplin and Stephen Graham. It is expected that the Taboo Season 2 will also have its previous cast. Two years back in November 2018, Tom Hardy Confirmed that he will be the part of Taboo Season 2 but as  Hardy is busy in some other projects so the production of  Taboo Season 2 will likely to be postponed till the next year.

-  - ‘Taboo’ Season 2: Release plot, date and cast.Plot: Taboo Season 2

Set back in 1814, the Taboo Season 2 will follow the plot where its first season ended. The lead character James Delaney played by Tom Hardy will embark on his journey with his companions to find and take over the land in North America in Taboo Season 2. In an Interview, Steven Knight the creator of the show said that the Taboo Season 2 will be massive and explosive. In an interview to Entertainment Weekly back then in 2017, Steven Knight discussed the new destination in season 2 but he didn’t spill more details of it by saying that he is not in a position to tell actual details regarding the Taboo Season 2.

According to the sources, the Taboo Season 2 will focus on Delaney’s plan to end up and take over North America as his father did. But the conclusion of the story will come after some time in Taboo Season 3. Knight said that the whole series will be concluded in another one season i.e. Taboo Season 3. The preparations and the production for the season 3 will be started after the release of Taboo Season 2. Steven Knight also added that he already has given unique names to all the three seasons. The first season is titled by the name “The Escape” and the upcoming both the seasons are titled by the names “The Journey” and “The Arrival” respectively.

-  - ‘Taboo’ Season 2: Release plot, date and cast.Storyline: Taboo Season 2

The story of crime thriller series Taboo revolves around the lead character James Delaney and his ambition to set up his own reign in North America. To pursue his ambition, he came back to the United Kingdom after living almost 12 years in Africa. After returning to London, he first joins the funeral of his father and gets unnecessarily drawn into the illegal and corrupted environment of London.

The story then moves ahead as Delaney investigates the death of his father and then involved in several murder crimes and ended up in the prison. He and his various associates succeed in escaping from the jail and move on towards the quest to find the new destination and to own land in North America. The quest will continue in Taboo Season 2 but the audience will have to wait for its release date and trailer as the production has not started yet.



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