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The Evolution Revolution on the “Illuminati”

The Evolution Revolution on the "Illuminati"

The Evolution Revolution on the “Illuminati”

Somebody I do know by way of FB not too long ago despatched me a hyperlink to a video, with an accompanying message: “value listening to” and “that is what we’re up in opposition to.”

This video was purportedly exposing the “Illuminati”–the recited textual content a listing of how ‘they’ are manipulating and controlling the lots, coupled with visible photos meant to horrify and incense.

First let me say that the textual content itself, when examined, comprises a number of contradictions and an inherent fallacy that makes the entire train a horrible joke. Checked out objectively the ‘covenant’ is a cunningly contrived discourse whose objective is clearly to excite these of little understanding or discernment.

(The very fact is, there does not have to be some elite group of puppet-masters manipulating the lots. The lots are nicely manipulated by the promoting trade alone. The adverts we see daily that inform us with a view to be blissful now we have to appear to be this, eat that, and drive the opposite are sufficient to persuade the bulk to remain on the treadmill of consumerism: spending one’s time, vitality and hard-earned cash on conforming to the newest thought of ‘in’ or ‘hip’–frittering away one’s life chasing the carrot that all the time stays simply out of attain, and burdened by endless debt. A slave who imagines he is free.)

What my (I am guessing well-intentioned) acquaintance and those that unfold the alarm about this so-called cabal apparently do not realize, is that by circulating this materials they’re serving the very objective of these they condemn: the unfold of concern and loathing–exciting the minds of the simply influenced to ineffectual rage. The upshot being that those that have interaction on this form of conspiracy theorism are rendered ineffective within the bigger battle of Ignorance versus Enlightenment: for to interact in any respect is to concede one’s vitality to Ignorance. By dwelling on the madness, or inanity, we feed it energetically (witness the Palin phenomenon), and solely by withdrawing one’s consideration/vitality could or not it’s rendered impotent. The place there is no such thing as a response there is no such thing as a impact.

We’re solely at impact of that which we acknowledge.

By ceasing to interact within the maelstrom promulgated by the media–whose prime motive is revenue, and secondary objective to interact the populace within the turmoil of opinion, rendering them neutered within the ongoing means of overcoming Ignorance–we take the stand: we use our vitality as we WILL, not as you’d have us, reactively.

People who perceive this precept of Self-Mastery–and acknowledge our Oneness–focus their vitality and a focus on propagating that which fosters Understanding, Concord & Compassion, for by so doing we remove the false obstacles which were erected to divide and conquer, and tip the steadiness towards the Mild.

Be a part of this intensifying phenomenon: embrace the Evolution Revolution and permit Consciousness to develop in you.

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The Evolution Revolution on the “Illuminati”

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