The Wilds season 2 release date: Will there be another season of The Wilds?

Amazon video is a growing market in the world. Amazon is now not only known for their products or delivery but also their  TV original series and movies. One such show that Amazon produced is “The Wilds.” The show took off well and had mixed reviews from the audience. The story revolves around a bunch of troubled teenagers who are admitted into a retrieve to help them. Well, the plan here goes South and the girls are stuck somewhere with no contact from the outer world.

Release date: The Wilds Season 2

Well, the makers and the production house have not confirmed or denied about the show’s renewal, so the fans have to wait a little bit longer for any news regarding the show. It is too soon to tell if there will be a renewal as the series has just made its debut in the market and if there is any news regarding the shoe it will most certainly take time to know about it. But as of now, it is safe to keep the hope alive.

Cast: The Wilds Season 2

The show has some incredible cast such as Sarah Pidgeon in the role of Leah Rilke, Sophia Ali in the role of Fatin Jadmani, Reigh Edwards in the role of Rachel Reid, Helena Howard in the role of Nora Reid, Mia Healey in the role of Shelby Goodkind, Shannon Berry in the role of Dot Campbell, Jenna clause in the role of Martha Blackburn along with Erena James as Toni Shalifoe and Rachel Griffith as Gretchen Klein.

It is safe to assume that the original cast will return for season 2 if there is any.

Plot: The wilds Season 2

The plot revolves around a group of troubled teenagers who are as messed up as the other. The girls belong from different family backgrounds and undergo stressful moments which affect them both physically and mentally. So, the parents of the respective girls decide to admit them in a program to help them. But, their world comes crashing when the plane goes out of control and crashed in some deserted Island completely cut out from the outer world with no contact and communication. The girls should figure out their livelihood from limited resources available in the Island along with that the girls must figure out and solve their complications.

Storyline: The Wilds Season 2

It is too early to predict anything regarding the storyline of season 2 as season the just made its debut. Although we get to see the girls getting habituated to their new environment and solving issues between them and so. Living in an Island in the era of phones, internet and other gadgets is difficult. What makes it more difficult for the girls is the conflicts within themselves. To survive the girls must team up together and face the difficulties together. Season 1 of the series made its debut on December 11 of this year, so there is not much to tell any news regarding season 2 and its storyline. The makers will definitely take their time to announce the renewal of the show.

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