‘Ultraman’ Restored for Season 2 at Netflix: Release date & Plot

When you were a kid, did you wonder if aliens would invade earth and you have to take charge and save the world from the not so friendly neighbours? Well, we all must have done it at a certain point, but that seems silly now doesn’t it? But, we can still feel the same way about these things through movies, TV shows and newly added to this list is the anime and one such anime is ‘Ultraman’, the plot of the story is pretty traditional and yet managed to acquire a huge fan base worldwide.

Release date: Ultraman Season 2

The anime series ‘Ultraman made its debut on Netflix in 2019, it was an adaptation of an old manga series which initially aired in 1966 and had sequels for the same. After a long break, the fans all over the world were excited to see an anime adaptation of the series. Unlike other manga or anime series the production house and team did not waste any time and decided to renew the show for a second season. The production house released official statements through various social pages regarding the release of the second season which was planned to release in 2020. But yet again the pandemic is to be blamed for the delay and the fact that anime take a little bit longer to be shot than any other visual entertainment. If all goes well, the fans can expect the release of the second season next year.

Cast: Ultraman Season 2

At this point it is evident that the old cast will be resuming their roles in the series, the audience was also informed that there will be other celebrities who are going to join the cast of Ultraman. The series has well-known artists. In the show we see,

  • D.C. Douglas portraying the role of  Edo
  • Josh Hutcherson portraying the role of   Shinjiro,
  • Cristina Valenzuela,
  • Tara Sands portraying the role of   Rena,
  • Michael Yurchak portraying the role of  Icarus,
  • Gunnar Sizemoreportraying the role of  Seiji Hokuto,
  • Mick Wingert portraying the role of  Yapool.

Plot: Ultraman Season 2

The title of the show is enough for its viewers to understand the theme of the story, the story revolves around a superhero who commuted himself to protect his home and the earth. The protagonist belongs to a team known as the ‘Science patrol.’ Like every other superhero, he has to keep his identity a secret from everyone. Later in the story, he realises his father was an Ultraman too and feels like an obligation to follow in his footsteps.

Storyline: Ultraman Season 2

Well, we have a lot of questions regarding what season 2 is going to be. For now, everything is a bit here and there, but it is safe to assume that we will get to see more of the father-son duo and their development. The discovery that his father possesses powers and he inherited them is shocking for him too. There will be aliens to deal with but the addition of other cast and characters gives a lot of speculation on how the story will progress.

The makers of the show released a trailer early July this year, click the link below to watch the trailer.

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